Just ink on paper?

Don’t follow this link if you’re easily offended by words http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2011/02/02/why-your-self-published-book-sucks-a-bag-of-dicks/ Especially don’t look if you’re a writer, thin-skinned about criticism, have a collection of rejection slips and a self-published book on your CV. This is a rant you’ll want to avoid.

Which would be a shame, because it’s actually quite funny. It’s written by Chuck Wendig who describes himself as a “freelance penmonkey” and runs a slick site called Terrible Minds (Nope – it’s all one word, l.c. — ed).

Wendig’s points are nothing we haven’t heard before. The trouble is that many writers, too many, have forgotten them in the mad and heady dash to publication through any of the print channels willing to separate would-be authors from their money.

We often seem conveniently to leave our critical faculties out in the cold when they’re most needed; when it’s our own creative output that needs appraisal. Publishing, like so many other things, has become too easy. The currency has been deflated.

Just because a printer will churn out a book for you doesn’t mean that it should be produced. For the printer, it’s just ink (or toner) on paper. You don’t want it to be the same for you.