Nobody expected cannibalism

‘So Ian, what happened to the unfortunate and inappropriate suitor?’

‘The people ate him. Barbecued him, actually.’

Oh. Just like that then?

Well not quite, as ‘Bride Price’ author Ian Mathie explained to the nice lady from BBC Radio, but you sense, listening to the recording, that she and her listeners got a little more than she’d bargained for from a live interview with Ian. It was after all the week or so before a certain Royal wedding and one might perhaps have been expecting a more, shall we way, genteel commentary on womanhood and the blessed institution of marriage.

Not a bit of it. Ian isn’t one to pass up the opportunity to tell a good story; this was certainly one of those opportunities and ‘Bride Price’ is indeed a very good story.

Have a listen: go to and click on LINK2.

It all goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover, or indeed an author from his cover notes.

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