Our man in a mud hut

Ian Mathie checking proofs.

Two books published in quick succession — that’s what’s happening on 14 July when Ian Mathie’s new memoir, ‘Man in a Mud Hut’, is launched in Warwick UK.

Hot on the heels of the critical success of ‘Bride Price’, Ian has done it again with another intriguing and dramatic true story drawn from his life in Africa in the 1970s. This new book will delight anyone interested in Africa, its rural life, culture and characters, with doses of sorcery and witch-craft stirred in for good measure.

‘Man in a Mud Hut’ tells of an uninvited government ‘ferret’ sent from London to find out why a UK taxpayer-funded aid project in Africa was going wrong. Pitched head-first into a culture alien to anything he had experienced before, he uncovered much more than expected; a snake pit of corruption, extortion, murder and evil that threatened to devour him with primal forces beyond comprehension. How the author extracted his reluctant guest from a dicey situation and then helped change his perception of Africa and its people makes a captivating read.

‘Man in a Mud Hut’ is on sale from 15 July through selected bookshops and online book retailers, priced £12.99.

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