Two eyes, one mouth

There can’t be many websites “dedicated to reviewing cultural history and theory”, so when one comes along and asks to review one of your books, you tend to take notice. ‘Culturally Bound‘ is one such website, and although we now have a vested interest in recommending it, we would do so anyway. It’s well worth a visit and browser bookmarking.

Culturally Bound was interested in the recently published book Man in a Mud Hut, the second in the African Memoir series by Ian Mathie. Culturally Bound’s reviewer describes Man in a Mud Hut as “an intriguing book, with plenty to offer those who are interested in understanding different cultures, and a great accompaniment to other texts documenting African culture.”

But it doesn’t stop there. It has also gone beneath the skin of the story in a long and insightful interview with our author, Ian Mathie. Here is an extract:

Q. Did you find whilst living in the village your beliefs or life outlook changed? And if so, in what ways?

A. I don’t know if my beliefs actually changed significantly, but I certainly learned a lot. That is bound to affect the way one thinks but I had a clear role and reason for being there, and that wasn’t going to vary. What did inevitably change was the way I went about doing things.

I remember once being told off by an old man for proposing an idea without having first asked what his people thought they needed or wanted. He said I had two ears and one mouth and should use then in that proportion, How right he was and all these years later I’m still grateful to that old man.

You can read the full interview at the bottom of the review of Man in a Mud Hut on the Culturally Bound website.