Cory cares, and so do we

What we like about the amazing Canadian journalist and science fiction author Cory Doctorow is his knack of cutting to the quick of an argument and doing so elegantly and effortlessly as only a master of language can. Take for example his recent blog on self-publishing. He doesn’t say anything that we haven’t heard elsewhere, but it’s the way he does it that, frankly, takes your breath away.

Why should anyone care about books? Why indeed. There must be as many answers as there are readers; no, as there are people.

You don’t have to be a reader to care about books. It may well be that non-readers actually care more about books because they represent knowledge, experience, whatever that’s beyond their reach. Given the proliferation of badly self-published books, their ignorance could truly be bliss.

Caring implies value; you can about that which you value. It may be there is simply so much mediocrity today that good, bad and indifferent get lumped together. So really it’s up to the book publishing world to make sure what we produce, like Cory’s output, is consistently high quality. That’s what people care about.

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