Make Mine a Kilowatt!

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“If Barry Cornell is even a fraction as hapless and accident-prone as he makes out in his hilarious stories, he is a disaster waiting to happen, a square peg in a round hole, a walking cultural catastrophe – in short, exactly the kind of bloke you’d like for a friend.” (James Andrew Taylor, biographer and humorist)

If you visit France, or live there, or simply like to laugh out loud, then this collection of tales from determined francophile Barry Cornell will keep you in stitches. MAKE MINE A KILOWATT! takes an offbeat look at the delights and disappointments, pleasures and pitfalls, surprises and shocks that await the unsuspecting Anglo Saxon who chooses to make his home across the Channel. It covers topics as various as the French passion for eating the inedible, their often bizarre social customs, and of course their attitudes to the British. This is French life – and life in France – up close and personal, told in a series of hilarious episodes which mirror the author’s experiences in trying to settle, survive and integrate into his local community, in south-west France.


“Go buy this book. It’s a real hoot.” – John Brain, Amazon

“If laughter promotes good health then ‘Make Mine a Kilowatt!’ should be freely available on the NHS! It deserves to be an enormous best seller and I can’t wait for the sequel.” – Ansley Carter, Amazon

“What shines through all the hilarious incidents is the unique and quirky perspective of the author. I especially liked the warm and mellow nature of the humour. Nothing hard or cruel in this book but sheer good natured fun. This book is a real tonic.” – Anon, Amazon

“A very good book from an excellent writer. Funny, intelligent, honest. Well worth a read. Looking forward to his next one.” – Bryan S, Amazon

“A hilarious read – I couldn’t put it down. A book to be revisited and the humour enjoyed all over again. Can’t wait for the next one.” – Linda Nisbet, Amazon