The Marketing Launchpad: The Six Key Areas of Marketing to Lift Your Business to New Heights

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The Marketing Launchpad3… 2… 1… LIFT OFF! The Marketing Launchpad crystalises theory, best practice and experience into one practical volume that provides exactly what its title says: a launchpad to help your business lift off with successful marketing. In six concise chapters, it offers you advice and ideas that work to get your business off the ground through effective marketing. Learn:
– How to build a brand that gives you visibility in the marketplace
– The most appropriate ways of advertising your goods or services
– The secrets behind brochures and leaflets that get noticed
– How to get better results with direct mail and e-mail
– How to tap into the hidden riches of niche marketing
– How to harness the power of the Internet.
Author and business mentor Alastair Campbell has had years of success using the ideas contained in this book. Now you too can see the benefits at work as your business lifts off the ‘marketing launchpad’.

About the Author

Alastair Campbell has established a reputation for clear, insightful business advice through his speaking, writing and mentoring. He has built on the experience of working at the cutting edge in London with his own successful consultancy business, The Ideal Marketing Company, helping enterprises of all sizes achieve their potential.